Let’s Send Our Love And Energy To Our True Parents

May 13, 2011

March 27, 2011,  Cheon Bok Gung, Yongsan Seoul Korea

Hello brothers and sisters! Now I am at the Hannamdong Training Center. As you know today we have to head directly to the airport. True Parents are in the US and we will return with them probably on Monday.

As you all know, True Parents now are leading many, many providential activities and it seems that they need much love and support at this time.

 When True Father led Hoondokhae, he mentioned something like this (that was the day we returned to the US after a long while): During Hoondokhae, True Father said, “My son is coming! My son is coming! My son is coming!” Three times with tears. When we heard about it, my heart really hurt. I felt I was really a sinner among sinners.

 I was really sorry that I couldn’t be with True Parents when they felt so lonely. I understood why he continuously calls us. True Mother also came out to see us, and True Father got upset at Hoondokhae as well saying, “There are only thieves around me.” When I saw him getting upset like that, I felt, “Ah, his son has to be beside him.” I really felt it.

 So even though we cannot be with you, members, your Father and Mother are close to you. Also, because of our True Parents we all can go in front of God, so if True Parents are having such lonely feelings, I have to be beside them and send much love and strength to them in your place. Therefore, True Parents felt very happy. It was hard work for us to go back and forth, but because they really liked us doing that, they gained much strength from that and really felt joyful and cheerful, so I realized definitely, “Ah, we should be with True Parents.”

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