Kingdom of God

April 17, 2011,  Cheon Bok Gung, Yongsan Seoul Korea

Most of these sermons are either are transcribed from the simultaneous interpretation provided at Cheon Bok Gung or edited from the preliminary notes the interpreters use for reference. As such, they should not be considered a complete or definitive translation in whole or in part, and are not reliable enough to quote from authoritatively.

Brothers and Sisters, the title of today’s sermon is: “The Kingdom of God”. If we look at the words of Jesus we find that, in the Unificationist family, we often forget about Jesus. From the viewpoint of the Principle we should always remember that Jesus is the Lord and the son that God sent. As we all know, True Father has completed the mission of Jesus as the Lord at his Second Advent.

If you look at the Bible, Luke 17:20, where Jesus is speaking with the Pharisees, they ask Jesus: “When will the kingdom of God come?” and “How will it come?” Jesus replies: “The coming of the kingdom of God is not something that can be observed, nor will people say ‘Here it is. There it is;’ because the kingdom of God is in your midst.”

The actual Hebrew translation is that the kingdom of God is ‘next within us’ rather than inside my heart. If we first think why Jesus spoke like this, we can think: “Ah, my heart is the kingdom” but this is mistaken. Jesus spoke many words regarding the kingdom of God, regarding God’s heaven, but ultimately, where is the kingdom  of God?

Because the son that God has sent is the only king, the kingdom of God is the place where the son has descended to and is present. Therefore when our heart changes to become one with the returning Lord then this heart becomes the kingdom of God.

It doesn’t come with loud trumpets but when our heart changes internally to a heart of accepting this, becoming filled with obedience, righteousness and love for God and love for the son that God has sent, then our heart becomes the kingdom of God. Furthermore if we come to realize this, then the Lord himself, Jesus himself, True Parents themselves, become heaven. It becomes the kingdom, a place where the son that God has sent and where True Parents reign as king of kings, and is indeed heaven.

In our home groups as well, if you are loving and praising True Parents as the king of all kings, that place is heaven. Our heart will be heaven. The church will be heaven and we, the Unificationist families, will be heaven. As I am attending True Parents closely, I feel that, if the place where True Parents are, where they reign as kings of all kings is heaven, then the place where True Parents’ substantial bodies are, can also be seen as heaven. So I feel that True Parents themselves are heaven, the kingdom of God.

Where do I feel this the most? This April 11th, True Parents will again go toLas Vegas. For two or three years True Father has been promoting this providence but whenever I visited there, there was something bothering me. That place bothers many people’s minds. It is the city of greatest evil. There are drugs, and among the 50 states it is said that only in Nevada can prostitutes work legally. That’s why it is a place with many bad rumors and many people view this city in a bad way. That’s why, since two or three years ago, that city has always bothered me. Why does True Father go there? People can easily misunderstand True Parents and see them in a bad light. Everyone was concerned.

This time when I attended True Parents, wherever they went, I came to one big realization. This time True Father said to prepare a big rally in Las Vegasthat includes the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam fishing and game competition. Seeing this I was very inspired. But there was the concern that many people see True Father being active in Las Vegas, and that someone with bad intentions might take a video of them and show their activities. But through the Las Vegasfishing and game competition I saw that True Father was changing the gaming culture totally.

You may know that in Las Vegasthere are many card games, like Poker, Black Jack etc. If we think about it, a game itself is not bad, right? When we ask if the Korean traditional game ‘Yut’ is bad, we can say it isn’t. But if the gaming culture is such that as you play you earn money, become addicted and this goes in a bad direction, then the game itself becomes God. Therefore this time I saw for certain that True Parents are totally changing the gaming culture that involves alcohol, addiction and gambling.

The reason I feel that is, if True Father were just a regular religious leader he would go to Las Vegasto do some volunteer work or something. However, True Father is holding a Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam Las Vegas tournament, and through that is trying to change the game culture there from Black Jack to fishing — by connecting people with fishing. He is inviting UC members to come, and while they are having a good time, True Father will give prize money to the first, second and third winners of the fishing competition. He will then donate all the funds collected through this to poor prostitutes in Las Vegas. He decided to give all the money collected to help drug addicts and poor prostitutes.

Looking at True Father I realized that this was the original mind of True Parents. True Parents have been investing their devotion in Las Vegas for three years and I felt that now it has started to bear fruit there. True Parents themselves are heaven, and without our knowing, True Parents came to Sin City just like Jesus’ word that he came for the sinners and not for the righteous people. Just as Jesus went to the houses of prostitutes, the most evil places, where people cursed the most, so did the Lord at his Second Advent, as the only person that could save them. True Parents went to the worst “sin city” and pioneered. And we are witnessing that they are completely changing that culture, brothers and sisters.

True Parents’ existence itself creates tremendous ‘Cham Pumonim Ok Mansei’ vibration. The fact that True Parents are in that city, Las Vegas, it is already changing Sin City into Sun City. No one else would think of challenging that gambling culture, to take out the gaming culture from Satan’s word and change it into heavenly culture. Through games, families can have fun and in the meantime money gathered there will be donated to suffering people. I believe now that this is something that only True Parents can do; no one but the Lord can do this.

Brothers and sisters, when we enter into the Cham Pumonim Ok Mansei vibration, I feel that the vibration is very powerful these days. Once I was on my way back from Yeosu to Seoul and I was playing the Cham Pumonim Ok Mansei CD. On that day my body was stiff and not so comfortable. But when I heard the Cham Pumonim Ok Mansei vibration my body started to relax and the stiffness went away.

When there are too many things on my mind I listen to Cham Pumonim Ok Mansei (that I have copied onto my phone) and my mind clears completely. So I feel, ‘Ah, Cham Pumonim Ok Mansei’! Even though we are not right next to True Parents, we can feel the vibration of True Parents through the love, filial piety and heart that wants to offer glory to them. True Parents, as king of kings, exist in that sound, and that vibration contains Heaven’s strength. Through the strength of their vibration I was much moved. I received the merit of the healing and was able to truly offer gratitude as I repented.

Brothers and sisters, today, as we send the strength of this vibration to True Parents, when we offer the Cham Pumonim Ok Mansei praise, let’s not do it routinely, as we do it every week, but let’s offer praise with each Cham Pumonim Ok Mansei that we utter. When we sing I hope that you feel that True Parents exist within that sound as the king of kings. I pray that the Holy Spirit may allow us to receive the energy and strength of heaven and send great strength and Qi energy to True Parents.

Brothers and sisters, I send you greetings from Cheong Pyeong. I pray that today can be a day that we can send great strength and devotion to True Parents.

Thank you very much.


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