Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's Prayer

Heavenly Father, True Parents, thank You so much for bringing us here today. Father, we understand that in the age of liberation You have done an incredible thing, and True Parents have liberated You from your thousands of years of loneliness. Father, we know that many religions and many ideologies have seen You as the almighty, all powerful deity, who has all power and control, who can do all things, who’s created all the universe. Father, we have understood that through the courses of time.
But Father, True Parents have enlighted us to a new realisation, that is the fact that, Father, although You may have been powerful, You have been completely alone. Thousands and millions of fans, but no one to share your heart! Father, we understand how important that is (sharing heart), and that that is your purpose in creating the whole existence.
Father, let us inherit this true love, Your true love which is Your essence and Your divinity. Let us inherit the true love that is selfless, and Father, that can bring our worst enemies to natural subjugation. Let us inherit that true love and, Father, we know that through that we will become your true object partners, and we will be able to truly receive and give joy and love back to You.
We thank You so much, Father. We hope that we may understand that all things are impermanent. Things in this temporal world change, but Father, Your love, Father, Your hope in us – we realize today – does not change. We thank You so much. We pray that we can remain mature in our planting seasons, and in our growing seasons, Father, and that we may always remain enthusiastic about our lives, as we press forward to our harvest seasons. Father, we know You are preparing them for us, and we know You are greater than any of our challenges that are facing us today.
Father we pray that if there are any Canaans, that are facing our brothers and sisters here today or those that are joining us via the internet from around the world, we pray that You may truly give them confidence this day. Let them know, Father, that You are with them, let them know that the Able spirits are with them, and Father, let us know that we WILL overcome, in True Parents’ names, we will

And we pray this altogether, in the names of our central blessed families, together as one family, one unified Unification family, together as one. Aju!

Sermon: Seasons of Change / May 9, 2009


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